The first ever solo, open ocean, SUP trans-Atlantic crossing.

An undertaking so unique, so out-of-the-box, and of such an immense feat that most would believe it to be… Impossible!

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Captains Log, 8th May 2017- Cape Town- Kommetjie-Atlantic Ocean.
Reflection & the Dancing Paddler..

Its been almost 8 weeks since touching terra-firma in the Carribean Islands and only 3 weeks since finishing the PR/Media tour... and 10 days in the jungles of Indonesia Surfing/Relaxing/ teaching English and preparing the structure of my next Talk/ Book and Film, based 70% on the Crossing.

So much has happened, so much has changed, so much has shifted, physically as much as mentally and my life's landscape and the path ahead, has shifted, in so many ways....

After two recent acupuncture sessions my body is finally starting to let go of everything and relax,, getting sick for a couple days, as the immune system recovers and show its fatigue, the body showing where all the stress and strain on then body has been..

The shoulder even though Surfing doesn’t seem to affect it nearly as badly as the paddling does, still tells me and I will be needing surgery, unfortunately, which I was hoping to avoid, so will need to make time for this somewhere and my mind mentally, is battling to settle back into the daily norm and process things in a normal manner, which I know no is understandable when I analyze it all.

Its battling with many things and I find it interesting and fascinating to see how it deals with and processes everything, with the complete, Adrenal Fatigue and post dramatic stress on the system. The effect on both, the mind and body is fascinating to see and how it effects the mind body connection and the after affects of journey, being in a full time, constant state of stress, survival mode and anxiety, compounded by the extreme solitude for an extended period of time, I guess, like soldiers being in an intense war zone...except they would get rotated out every month, to ensure it doesn't hamper their mental state, as the brain battles to take such duress for a period of over 3-4 weeks in extreme environments like this...except they wouldn't be alone and they would be able to sleep on something that isn't moving at night and for longer periods.

Its something I need to work through and I imagine just takes time and as I unpack my story as I tell it, it will help me work through it mentally and time will help recover all..essentially I should be taking 6-8 weeks completely off, but I'm a normal guy like everyone else and have the same stresses and struggles and bills to pay like everyone else, which never stop coming in, which is the reality we all have veto deal with...and the story needs to be told, but this is all part of it and just shows that I'm not super human, I'm just like everyone else and the effects of this trip are raw, very real and have consequences on the body and mind and hopefully within the next 6 months, I will have my body back in shape, surgery done and I will have managed to get my mental state, adrenal fatigue and PTS sorted and I will have fine tuned my incredible story to inspire millions around the world, to What's Possible…while giving back and helping others, which I am already starting to deliver and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive..

If you want to help change the world, it comes at a price and at a cost..All extra ordinary projects/ goals come with choices, sacrifice and have a cost…the question you have to ask yourself is…what choices are you prepared to make and what is the sacrifice you are willing to make in order to follow your passions, live your greatest potential and find and fulfill your purpose!

Knowing what I know now, if I somone asked if I would still do it now that I know everything I would have to go though, endure, sacrifice and what it would cost me across all area's of my life ..woud I do I still do it?
Yes, without a shadow of a doubt, becuase once you follow your passions and can fulfill your purpose, very little else really matters, especially when you have the ability to change the lives of and inspire millions!

There’s nothing more sad than seeing someone who comes to the end of there life, no matter when that may be and the knowing that they die with there music still within them and they didn’t follow there passions and dreams and fulfill them…

Live with the courage to dream, the vision to follow them, the determination to start them and then the perseverance and never give up attitude to follow it through…

When you are driven by passion and powered by a purpose greater than yourself, it will inspire you to overcome any obstacle, any challenge and achieve even the seemingly Impossible! -Chris Bertish

When you are some great purpose, some extraordinary project.
All your thoughts break there bonds
Your mind transcends limitations
Your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new and wonderful world you never realized existed.
Dormant forces, faculties and talents, previously inaccessible to you, come alive and you discover yourself to be...
a greater person, by far, than you ever imagined yourself to be..." Quote by Patangeli.

"Sometimes you have to face your greatest fears, in order to realize your greatest potential, achieve your goals and live your dreams! " Chris Bertish- I'MPossible
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