The first ever solo, open ocean, SUP trans-Atlantic crossing.

An undertaking so unique, so out-of-the-box, and of such an immense feat that most would believe it to be… Impossible!

7 hours ago

Captain's Log 28th Aug. 17 - Kommetjie Coastline-Atlantic Ocean
Land based & the recovery continues.. Letting go & the Opportunity of Change!

It's been an interesting journey over the last 4 months, coming back from completing the SUP TransAtlantic and learning to confront some fears, face them, embrace them, tackle them head on, take action and move forward, move through them, in order to evolve, grow and move forward into a new chapter of my life..
Learning to let go of so many things in my life, across all aspects, on so many levels, from people, places, business, family, life and love... its now time for the new chapter, new beginnings, new partnerships, collaborations and being able to have a positive impact on a massive global scale moving forward... with the new incredible partnerships and collaborations I'm putting in place, connecting the dots for the next 5years, on Films, Books, Conservation, Education and Inspiration...

The key word & Mindset for the next 5 years isn't that Cant and Impossible are motivators for Change, which they are in my life.. But its about embracing a truly #LimitlessMentality, which means you can literally do anything you think of and can imagine, as its just a way of thinking, living and designing your life, through your daily thoughts and actions..

This weekend being in hospital for a couple days, which I had planned for a couple of months, an inevitable consequence of the SUP Crossing, over use and strain, which i knew when it started giving in mid way across the Atlantic, from doing more than a full Iron every day for more than 90days straight..but I knew the impact I was making and the millions it would help, so quitting was just never an option, I just knew I had to switch off the pain, push through and finish it, no matter what and no matter the consequences...

It helped me just reflect on many things, as I really havn't had time to just stop and breathe... and I knew I needed to.. A forced, self inflicted break, to slow down and rest, even if only just one week, I knew it was important..
The best forced break ever..
I have been looking forward to this operation for a while now, just to get a little down time.. See the opportunity in the obstacle...find the silver lining, as its always there...

The last three days has confirmed 3 very important things for me..
1. A new fresh start and #TheOpportunityOfChange!...
2. #LettingGo in order to move forward, is the most powerful thing you can do as a human being in order to evolve, grow and move forward.
3. #StoppingToReflect, gives you an immense sense of perspective, which is powerful and necessary in order to regain and reframe your Focus, Vision, Passion & Purpose, which are the driving forces to help you on track for where you going to next, as they're key in defining your future and reminding you of the most important thing which is, that everyday is not a gaurentee, only a gift and a blessing, so use it well and use it wisely... and always have aimmense sense of an #AttitudeOfGratitude to focus always on all you do have and be thankful and not focusing on all you don't have and take for granted...
As of yesterday after coming out of hospital, I drew a line in the sand on the beach....let go of the past and stepped into the present and the future...

Even though my recovery time has been extended due to there being a lot more damage than we anticipated, I'm Stoked, focused and positive as I always heal stupidly quickly, normally in less than half the time advised... so I am looking at 3months.. Gauging by yesterday, the most relaxing day in Kommetjie I've had in 5yrs, beach walk, swim and how I feel already, I'm far ahead of the recovery curve already..Not really docs orders, but #Visualizaion & MentalHealing is so important for quick recovery, always.

Flights booked and paid to Hawaii in Dec-#FoilingInBlue (MyHomeAwayFromHome) and Pompeii-Micronesia (Caroline Islands) 16yr #BucketList destination.. I bought a beautiful new classical guitar to play again more and focusing on partnerships that will link into my #2021Vision that will literally #ChangeTheWorld
Take Nothing for granted, see the Opportunity in Change and learn to Let Go, in order to, evolve, grow & move forward.

Dont put off your dreams for tomorrow, that which you can realize and make happen today! Tick off those bucket list items every year, no excuses! As for many of us, next year may be too late...
#Grit, #Passion #Purpose #Inspiration #Education #Conservation #Inspiration #ProtectOurOceans Carrick Wealth
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