Project team

Project Manager
Justin Maree

Weather/Routing Director
Leven Brown

Finance and Back-up Shore Crew
Darren Robertson

David Becker

Commercial Consultant
Mandy Scanlen

Shore Based Crew
Nick Maunder

Shore Based Crew
Craig Kolesky

Influencer Social Media
Richard Simmonds

PR Manager
Kirsti Lyall

PR Account Manager
Amy Wentzel

PR and Media USA
Ashley Eckenweiler

Social Media
Brittany Alfonso

Sponsorship and USA Management
Sarah Shoup

Lynne Nel

Radio Media
Jeff Ayliffe

Product Sponsorship Craft
Elke Brink

Website Development
Mediumrare Digital

Executive Producer
Bruce MacDonald

Fixer Films
Adrian Charles

Film Crew and Content Generation
Jordi Giralt